If you knew how powerful your thoughts were,

you would never think a bad thought again.

~ Unknown

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brain 962588 340Ever dip into the chocolate cake, tell yourself the diet is ruined, then eat the whole thing?

Or, lose it with your toddler, berate yourself for being a terrible mom, then find you’re crabby and impatient for the rest of the day?

Perhaps you’ve been passed over for a promotion, think you don’t have what it takes, and lose motivation to strive to be your best?

Each of these negative self-talk scenarios results in a behavior that is self-defeating. Experts call these thoughts ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts.) We all have them. Just like ants at a picnic, if you allow them to run wild, they will ruin the quality of your day. And if you’ve ever had an ant infestation in your home, you know the destruction they can cause to its infrastructure.

ANTs in your brain are just as insidious and destructive. Without your realizing it, they shape your emotions, choices, and behaviors. And just as carpenter ants silently destroy the structure of your home, ANTs have a deleterious effect on your physical well-being. They eat away at your happiness.