Workshop Testimonials

Inspiring others towards happiness, brings you happiness.

~On my Yogi teabag!

What brings happiness and meaning to my life is the remarkable honor I have to be a positive influence in another’s life.  Below are words shared from some of the beautiful women who came together as strangers, opened their hearts and their minds, and created something magical together. I feel blessed that our lives have touched.

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Workshop Attendees:

I attended Rona’s Cultivating Happiness class in 2013. Over two years later I am still practicing much of what I learned in her inspirational and informative class.

Rona’s style is professional, precise, generous, thought-provoking and enlightening, All of the information shared was relevant and applicable to the stressors of daily life.

Though it has been a couple years since taking your Cultivating Happiness workshop, Rona, thanks to you and our new friendship, I am still cultivating happiness!

~Rachel R.

What started as a trial, turned into an important part of my lifestyle.

Rona introduced me to strategies, tools, and insights that have helped this single mom and sole provider of 3, positively cope with life's unexpected stresses. I believe in teaching by example and I am confident I have done just that as a result of taking Rona’s workshop.

I am grateful for the guided meditations, the "floating clouds," and "breathe" that Rona has bestowed upon me.

~Wendy S.

Sometimes special people come into your life just for a short period of time but have a lasting impact. Rona is one of those extraordinary people.

I attended a workshop on happiness at a local library several years ago, not expecting much, but figured it was worth a try. I was at a particularly difficult time in my life-having lost my job, struggling with aging, and downsizing to the unknown.

Rona offered kindness and ways to move forward through her sharing and a series of workshops. I still have have her notes, scan them for her wisdom and incorporate them into my daily life. I can still here Rona saying, "You can be a cool old lady or just old."

I also have adopted a daily meditation practice. And every night I go through a list of at least 5 things that went well during the day and frequently say to myself, "No negative self talk." All things I learned in her workshop.

Thank you Rona: you have made my life happier.

~Theresa R.

I want to thank you again for presenting your wonderful workshop on "Cultivating Happiness." I found the entire course deeply moving and immensely helpful.

The workshop has helped me discover the happiness within–despite the many challenges that life has bestowed upon me. I continue to follow and practice your teachings which has helped me through these difficult times. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

~Mary G.

I attended "Cultivating Happiness" workshop with Rona and enjoyed every single session.

Each session she came prepared, and full of resources I never knew existed. (Who would have thought there is a whole science of happiness. I certainly didn't!) I got so much out of the sessions and I really appreciated Rona's knowledge, and the resources she provided.

~Vahida K.

It was just the beginning of my life in America, when I participated in life coach Rona's "Cultivating Happiness" workshop. My relocation was only temporary. I had to go back to Japan in a couple of years' time, and I wanted to enjoy my new life. That's the main reason I decided to join the workshop.

Every session was packed with useful information. Her knowledge on the subject of happiness is extensive. Rona’s handouts were very useful to review and remember all that I had learned.

As she was open-minded, I sometimes emailed her because I found it difficult to keep good relationships with my teenage son and daughter. She also had a teenage daughter and shared her experiences openly; I was inspired by her wisdom.

Through the sessions, emails and conversations with Rona, I continued to learn tips on what I can do to be happy and better relate to my teens.

Two years later and I'm still struggling with my teenagers. The difference now is that I can easily switch my feeling to be relaxed, so that I can relate to them from a better place. This is a great transformation for me.

I had an excellent experience with Rona!

~Naoko A.

Speaking Engagements:

What do each of us ultimately yearn for, but happiness? Profound happiness. Rona Florio offers a splendid presentation on Cultivating Happiness ... so practical and pertinent for anyone and everyone!

Rona Florio, already such a nice and gracious person, draws upon the disciplines of science, psychology, and even shares parts of her own individual journey to create this personal and meaningful session on a topic so significant to humankind.

Rona, a professional Life Coach was the speaker most appreciated at our recent employee education days. Our staff members were seeking her out to ask for copies of her presentation and to request to be on her email list.

Cultivating happiness is a must­ attend course, one not to be missed!!

~Sr. Raymond
Little Sisters of the Poor